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Radio Regentrude

Radio Regentrude Bei uns gibt es u. a. Rock, Pop, Metal, Gothic / Dark, Aktuelles & Charts, Discofox, Independent Artists, Newcomer, Oldies, Instrumental / Lounge / Chillout, Country, Folk, Celtic, Synthie-Pop, WorldMusic, Schlager u. v. a.; Genre- + Themensendungen, Specials, Hörer-Wunsch-Sendungen & mehr!

Anima Infinity

Anima InfinityThe music project "Anima Infinity" became 2006 of Martin Floracks brought into being. The music sounds like Jean Michel Jarre, Enigma, Jens Gad and Mike Oldfield. So "Anima Infinity" concentrates on Chilloutmusik. Some tones go direction pop or rock music, though. Since 2007 there are many publications of Anima Infinity. Relax and enjoy the music....

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